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Grant Inaba of Revelcade Ent.

REVELCADE ENTERTAINMENT will soon be recognized as a house hold name as the extraordinarily talented actors, writers, producers collectively work together to establish themselves as a reliable source of entertainment for creative short films within the movie industry. I … [Read More...]

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Women Supporting Women…”Where My Ladies At”???

MY BEAUTIFUL SISTERS!!! Would you dare to believe we were put on this earth to support one another?! Ponder that thought for a moment... Well, unfortunately many women from all walks of life have a difficult time understanding and embracing this idea of women supporting women. So, the question left to ask is why? Could it be fear? Being afraid to affirm someone else? Is it … [Read More...]

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Body Shop Boot Camp

It’s Worth A “STRETCH”!!!!

 Many people skip stretching their muscles before exercise, not understanding how important it is. Some figure their muscles will be heated up soon enough as they … [Read More...]

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Co-Producer Letitia McDowell & Writer/Director Lorita Rogers-Price

ENCORE PLEASE!!!! Just A Close Walk The Musical Stage Play

  The play Just a Closer Walk really depicts every day living from a women's point of view.  Throughout the play, I saw how  our God showed Himself mighty … [Read More...]

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